Rocco Lardiere

Launch Vehicle Engineer
Participates in 1 Session
Rocco Lardiere purchased the book, The Exploration of Mars, illustrated by Chesley Bonestell, when he was 11 years old. The book’s beautiful paintings inspired him to pursue a career as a rocket engineer. Since then, he’s been a part of the most significant space launches during the last 35 years, including NASA’s Mars Rover programs, the Deep Impact comet mission, and the GPS satellite system. His career spans over 200 launches and has included engineering and program management of launch vehicle and space vehicle (satellite) flight hardware and ground support systems. He is also interested in the history of space flight, from its early beginnings to emerging small satellite technology and planned manned missions to Mars.

Sessions in which Rocco Lardiere participates

Friday August 17, 2018

4:00 PM
4:00 PM