Cheryl Martin

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Just your typical pan poly cis POC geek

Reader from a very young age. Started gaming when my older brother came home from college in 1979 with a fantastic new game in a box with weird dice.  Went to my first convention when I was 15ish (in costume) and stayed in the game room nearly the entire time.   The next con, I stepped outside the game room and discovered a whole new world!  Panels, an anime room, a movie room!  V. exciting.   Got involved with a Dr Who fan group, managed to get volunteered for a college based convention.  Got involved with a Star Trek fan group.  Wandered into the SCA.  Discovered usenet and groups.  Went to my first Worldcon in 1995 (first time out of the country too!).  I was hooked.  Started a fannish dinner group once back home.  Also started attending Worldcons as money and time allowed.   Attended local (and a few not really local) cons as well.  Volunteered here and there, mostly reg, info desk, volunteer desk and consuite.  Started a sf/f fan group in Tucson which is still thriving a decade later. 

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Saturday August 18, 2018

12:00 PM
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