Shawna Ristic

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Shawna Ristic (MA, BCTMB, CMT) was a psychic child, but as she grew older she became afraid of her gift and worked hard to shut it down. At the age of 19, a near death experience and coma blasted her back open. During her time on the other side, she met a council of light beings that she still communicates with today, bringing their message of love and light to the world. Shawna mostly uses her psychic abilities for healing. In addition to hands-on healing work, she uses vibrational awareness to facilitate communication between people and their loved ones who are near death or deceased. She offers private sessions in Santa Cruz and Los Gatos, retreats and vibrational workshops nationwide.

Sessions in which Shawna Ristic participates

Friday August 17, 2018

1:00 PM
1:00 PM