Fan Fund Auction

Sunday Aug 19   12:00 PM to 02:00 PM (2 hours)
Come join the fun  by bidding on assorted scientifictional and fannish memorabilia and help raise funds for the TransAtlantic Fan Fund (TAFF) and Down Under Fan Fund (DUFF). TAFF (est. 1952) and DUFF (est. 1972) serve to enable fans to travel to other countries to attend their major conventions and meet the local fans, people they may know only from letter columns, email, or chatty websites. And to get it all done, the funds depend on contributions of fans like you... and, of course, benefit auctions. 

This is your chance to pick up any number of interesting things... art, books, fanzines, pulp magazines, t-shirts, things that somehow involve cats... the opportunity to be “Tuckerized” into a work of fiction... or other peculiar or “fannish” stuff. 

 Donations for the fan fund auction will be accepted at Worldcon76, and we also accept donations beforehand.

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