Bay Area Fandom and Conventions

Sunday Aug 19   10:00 AM to 11:00 AM (1 hour)
You made it to San Jose for World Con 76, but did you know about other fannish opportunities in the area?  BASFA meets weekly (every Monday currently), and has since 1991. San Jose has some of the biggest Pagan and Furry cons in the US.  BayCon is one of the first generation "full spectrum" cons and it takes place within 30 minutes of where you are sitting. How about fan cons for Harry Potter, Joss Whedon, Doctor Who? With a wealth of local events like Maker Faire, San Francisco Comic-Con, FogCon, BayCon, Bay Area Festival of Books, and Santa Clara Library Comic-Con, there’s something for everyone: The filkers, the crafters, the budding authors, the cosplayers, the gamers. There’s even a con for con-runners. Learn what’s out there within easy travel from San Jose and what’s coming from a panel that has attended a lot of them and helps run some of them!  We will even tell you where to find sing along sea chanteys on an 1890 steam powered ferry boat!
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