We Dressed Those Girls: Subverting Tropes or Reinforcing the Status Quo?

Sunday Aug 19   11:00 AM to 12:00 PM (1 hour)
When Zack "let's subvert the trope of Hollywood objectifying women by objectifying women" Snyder directed the film Sucker Punch, he explained why the film focused on scantily clad young women imprisoned in a brothel from which they occasionally escape with monster weaponry to kill people and explode things. “I didn't dress those girls in the costume. The audience dressed those girls,” he opined. “They start out as cliches of feminine sexuality as made physical by what culture creates.”

In this panel we ask: Who is responsible for what culture creates? How difficult is it to actually subvert tropes, and how often do attempts to subvert tropes turn into reinforcements of the status quo? When as creators and audience are we sabotaged by our unexamined pre-sets, and how do we dig out from under them? Finally, under what circumstances can a narrative choice that may seem trivial or status quo become the biggest trope subverter of all?

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