Lively Bouncy English Ceilidh ("kay-lee")

Saturday Aug 18   04:30 PM to 06:00 PM (1 hour 30 minutes)
It's not an Irish ceili or a Scottish ceilidh, it's an English ceilidh!

What's that? In the late 1960s and early 1970s, a movement started in English folk music clubs to have parties with traditional English music (that is, stuff collected from the English countryside, whether or not it originated with a known composer) and easy traditional dances.   Aware of the meaning of the "ceilidh" (in Scots Gaelic) of an evening party with music, they started calling those parties "English Ceilidhs". That movement goes on today, and English Ceilidh dances have pretty much taken up the social function of an American "Barn Dance" - community dancing for non-hobbyists, done at folk festivals like Sidmouth, weddings, school mixers, PTA fundraisers, ceilidh dance series and the audience for it is quite mixed - there are a lot of Uni student dancers and callers as well as old hippies. Music is whatever works, from the bass-heavy electric sound of a band like Peeping Tom to the eclectically-sourced Scandi tunes of the Committee Band to African-influenced Boka Harat. We bring you an authentic Englishman playing and calling an authentic English ceilidh. Check it out - you'll bounce, you'll sweat, you'll grin. Non-gender-based calling, LGBTQI+ welcome!

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