What's the Story with AR Games?

Sunday Aug 19   01:00 PM to 02:00 PM (1 hour)
Alternate Reality (AR) games have become more and more popular, drawing in authors, artists, and fans.  Join players, developers, and a new breed of community builders to discuss why these games were introduced, how players have taken the game ideas and created new communities, and the way these games bring gaming out into the real world. 

Learn about player-created communities, who organize to trade resonators or pocket monsters, or form plans to "conquer" regions of seemingly peaceful towns and cities.  Some enjoy the games while also taking part in community service projects, while others use the games as a tool to discover new places.  These games have been remarkable not just for the technology of creating images that overlap real-world objects, but for getting diverse groups motivated to play together and form real-world relationships that extend beyond gaming.

This is *not* a panel on the next update or which side you should choose.

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