Fashion in SF

Media,  Literature,  Costuming
Wednesday Aug 09   04:00 PM to 05:00 PM (1 hour)
Messukeskus - 102
science fiction television costuming

Why do galactic explorers wear tight leotards and cyber warriors dress themselves in black leather? 

Fashion is a big part in science fiction, especially in comics, television, and film, where clothes from utilitarian uniforms to outlandish costumes have been used in the creation of a futuristic setting and culture. The result is most of the time the future through a contemporary viewpoint, reflecting our own trends. Visual examples from sci-fi films and tv abound from big-haired alien villains of the 80s “V” miniseries to the suffering and surprisingly trendy belters of the “Expanse.”

Fashion in science fiction has been utilitarian, utopian, dystopian, alien, mostly rapidly dated and sometimes so cool that it even seeps out of the fiction and creates its own subcultures. Fashion fans from all across our galaxy and beyond are welcome to join our show!

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