Beyond the Big Bang: Exotic Cosmologies

Wednesday Aug 09   04:00 PM to 05:00 PM (1 hour)
Messukeskus - 205
The standard model for cosmology has a universe that's the same in every direction on large scales, starts with a Big Bang and expands to infinity, driven by a mysterious "dark energy". While this model is simple it contains some frustrating problems. This talk discusses some models of the universe which were considered frontrunners in the past, with reference to their use in SF literature (e.g. the closed universe model in Poul Anderson's "Tau Zero", the Hoyle-Goldman-Bondi model which appears in Hoyle's "The Black Cloud"), present the problem of the "Big Rip", and then examine some of the more unusual--but scientifically-grounded--possibilities for alternatives to the standard model, like the "bouncing" BKL universe, the spinning, time-traveling Gödel cosmologies, and what it would look like if a universe was also inside a black hole. The orientation will be non-technical and generally equations will be avoided.