Goth Court (LARP, Liz Gorinsky)

Sunday Aug 13   11:00 AM to 01:00 PM (2 hours)
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"Welcome. We commend the keen sense of justice and duty that has called you to these hallowed chambers. The litigants you will see today are goths and their adversaries facing mortal conflict. They have already filed suit or been served a summons to appear in municipal court. Both parties in the suit have agreed to dismiss their court cases and instead settle their disputes here, in this most venerated and dramatic forum: Goth Court." 

Goth Court is a live-action party (or funeral) game by Liz Gorinsky and Jess Zimmerman, based on Jason Morningstar's Ghost Court, about eldritch justice in a small claims court that settles petty disputes between goths and norms. Each case lasts about five minutes and is absurd and often hilarious. Goth Court requires nothing more than a keen sense of the oppressiveness of mundane society, but you are welcome to don your best goth attire if you wish. Players are welcome to wander in and out over the course of the slot, and spectators are encouraged.

Genre: Comedy

Expected duration of play: 2 hours

Number of participants: 4-5 players + spectators

Player type: No previous larp/freeform experience is necessary; for those who like to improvise comedic situations; for those who would like the opportunity to drop in and out during the slot

Designers: Liz Gorinsky and Jess Zimmerman
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