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LARP: Garden Station Four (b)

20:00, dimanche 29 mai 2016 (4 heures)
Collaborate 3
Garden Station 4 is an space station that orbits a previously uncharted, habitable planet. The station was built by a race that no one in the known universe remembers, and is protected by an orbital defense system. You discovered this when the system came online and blew your ship up. You and a handful of your crew barely managed to beam aboard the Station in time to survive. If that wasn't a bad enough start to your day, your coalition of planets is on the cusp of war with another group, and representatives from that group are here too!

"Garden Station 4" is a 3 hour game for up to 8 players and runs in the Shifting Forest system. This game has a particularly low entry barrier so it is a great intro to LARPs. It is well written and balanced, and so is also a treat for seasoned players. Stop by gaming to sign up. Game will be cast on a first come-first serve basis with preference given to those who signed up ahead of time!