Using Sources and Documents to Retell the June 1967 War

1:00 PM, Tuesday 21 Mar 2017 (1 hour)
Hafsakah – Visit Exhibit Area (Coffee served)   02:00 PM to 02:30 PM (30 minutes)
The June 1967 War was a turning point in Jewish, Israeli, and Middle Eastern history. The impact of the war solidified Israel as a nation-state of the Jewish people, changed the nature and conduct of Israel’s relationships with her neighbors, altered internal Israeli politics, and redefined diaspora Jewry’s interactions with Israel and Israel’s relationship with the United States. Using documents and original sources from the May–June 1967 period, we shall engage in an interactive recollection of events that occurred then, comparing those events to precursors in the 1947–1949 period and the status of those same elements fifty years later.  Through interactive discussions, leave our session with context and new perspective of the legacy left by the June War.  

The session is led Dr. Kenneth W. Stein, Professor of Middle Eastern history, political science, and Israel studies at Emory University. He is also serves as the founding President of the Center for Israel Education,
Center for Israel Education
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