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The 54th Sally Letson Symposium will consist of a 2.5-day program focused on clinical and surgical pearls in Cornea, Cataract, and Refractive Surgery, with applications to both general and subspecialty practice. The Cornea component of the program will cover cutting edge topics including the latest developments in the management of endothelial dysfunction, ectasia, infectious keratitis, ocular surface lesions, and dry eye disease, amongst others. 

The Cataract component of the program will review key concepts pertaining to cataract surgery, including preoperative planning and IOL selection, applications of intraoperative technology, and high-yield surgical pearls applicable to both standard and challenging cases. The Refractive Surgery component will provide a review of available surgical options and techniques, with special attention to presbyopia management. Guest speakers will include an esteemed cohort of experts at the forefront of their respective fields, who will provide lecture-based and video-based presentations to guide attendees through the material. Special sessions will also be dedicated to wellness, aiming to empower healthcare professionals with effective tools to better care for themselves and their patients; areas covered will include nutrition, fitness, ergonomics, mindfulness, and strategies for improving work-life balance. Multiple high-yield educational formats, including didactic lectures, panel discussions, and case-based presentations, will be employed to encourage audience interaction and foster critical thinking.


Target Audience:

This symposium is designed for attendance by ophthalmologists, ophthalmology fellows and residents, optometrists, medical students, technologists, nurses, and other allied health professionals.


Program Learning Objectives:

At the end of the symposium, participants will be able to:

  • Develop an approach to diagnosis and management of important corneal and ocular surface conditions commonly encountered in a comprehensive ophthalmology practice.
  • Describe key considerations to be addressed during cataract surgery planning, and employ strategies for preventing and managing complications of cataract surgery.
  • Describe refractive surgery indications, decision-making strategies, and techniques, with particular attention to presbyopia management.
  • Describe and learn to put into practice tools for self-healing and prevention of burnout.


CanMEDS Roles:  Health Advocate, Scholar 

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54th Sally Letson Symposium
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