D&D - Thunderstruck Tavern Dungeon, the worlds deepest Tavern!

4:30 PM, Saturday 16 Jan 2021 (3 hours)
Dinner   06:00 PM to 07:00 PM (1 hour)
In this adventure, every level of the dungeon will actually be a new tavern landscape. Will you manage to scavenge a meal & a drink at every level? Or will your character end up too drunk to continue.. Every level has unique challenges - and mythical magical cocktails prizes - Will you escape the Kittykat klub? Can you outskate the Were-Polarbear waiters at the Frozen Tundra Ice Bar? Will you beat the Penguin Bowlers at their own game? Can you shake it better than the Dryads down by the Grove? Will you solve the mystery of the Ale Vats? Or will you fall victim to the infamous booze kraken...

This is a newbie friendly D&D adventure, with rules being taught as we play. Dice, pre filled in character sheets & everything else needed to play will be provided. Candy & Prizes will also be awarded - gms can definitely be bribed & rules will be ignored as the golden rule is the Rule of Cool! Come try D&D, have some light hearted fun & enjoy the silliness of turning D&D on it's head with a Tavern themed adventure.