Military Geomatics, Canadian Armed Forces

The Canadian Military Geomatics community provides geospatial information and geomatics support to the 100,000 members of the Canadian Armed Forces. Canadian Military Geomatics Technicians and civilian employees are recognised by the international defence community as a leaders in providing accurate geospatial data and support for global military operations. The Mapping and Charting Establishment (MCE) has its main components in Ottawa with Hydrographics Services Offices (HSO) in Halifax, NS and Esquimalt, BC. Military Geomatics Technicians are employed across Canada and wherever the Canadian Armed Forces deploys. Geo Techs and their civilian counterparts apply a broad range of technology in the production of maps, data collection, photogrammetry and image analysis workflows. The organisation has been a leader in the application of the latest geospatial software tools to increase productivity, which has allowed MCE to meet its commitment to delivering data and rapidly responding to domestic and international crises.

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