Geospatial Media & Communications

For over two decades, Geospatial Media & Communications has been closely working with governments, companies, academia, civil society and other stakeholders in removing hurdles in the adoption of geospatial technologies through raising awareness. Through its Media, Conferences, Market Research and Consulting offerings, Geospatial Media raises awareness among various stakeholders around the world about the tremendous potential of geospatial technologies.

Geospatial World, our media brand, is the voice of the global geospatial industry. Our offerings through multiple media platforms — online, video, print and social media — bring you the latest technology trends, in-depth analysis, expert opinion and business developments from all over the globe.

Our global geospatial events pave a path for the geospatial industry into the future through deliberations on technology directions, policy road maps, and disruptive business models. The annual event Geospatial World Forum is the most talked-about geospatial industry conference. The event acts as a melting pot for cross-industry collaboration.

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