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Towards a Meaningful Interplay Between AI Act and GDPR / Verso una Sensata Interazione tra Regolamento IA e GDPR [EN/IT]

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11:00 AM, Wednesday 6 Apr 2022 (1 hour)
Innovative Technologies and Data ProtectionItalian Sessions

Session in English interpreted into Italian / Sessione in inglese con la traduzione in italiano

The European Commission’s AI Act will complement the existing EU regulatory framework horizontally and add an additional layer of regulation for the governance of data infrastructures, which are also addressed by GDPR and other EU legislation. This panel will discuss the proposed AI Regulation, and in particular the relationship to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and discuss the differences, synergies and potential tensions and highlight the role each has in ensuring an ethical, responsible, and trustworthy way in handling data.

My Session Status

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