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Satyen Gupta

Chairman, Bharat IPv6 Forum, Secretary General, ITU-APT Foundation of India and Chairman, BLUETOWN, India & BIMSTEC, S. Asia
Bharat IPv6 Forum
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An International expert in NGN technologies, Regulation, Interconnection and Broadband with 40 years’ experience in all aspects of Telecom, including 25 years with Govt. and Regulator, Satya N. Gupta is publicly recognized as an Analyst, Author, Advocate and Advisor on ICT related Policies, Projects and Business. After his post-graduation from IISc. Bangalore, he joined ministry of Communication in 1981 and Ministry of railways in 1983. He is recipient of Minister of railways award for outstanding performance for the digitalisation project. 

A triple master in Electronics Design Technology, IT Management and Telecom Policy and Regulation, he is globally known as “NGNguru” he is a trainer and coach for telecommunication technologies, policy and regulation and a Regulatory advocate. Author of "Everything over IP-All you want to know about NGN". He also authored a concept called “Job Factory- Converting Unemployment into Intraprenuership”. His recent research-based work, “Long Tail - Walking the Extra Mile on Rural Broadband Business”, brings out the innovative business models for rural broadband connectivity. He has also established and mentoring a consulting startup named SAAM CorpAdvisors providing Govt. Affairs as Managed Service.

He is Honorary Secretary General of ITU-APT Foundation of India. Additionally, he is Vice-President and Trustee of PTCIF and Co-chairs BIF committee on Rural Digital Infrastructure. He founded NGN Forum in India to spread awareness and capacity building in the field of emerging technologies. As a member of Expert panel of Commonwealth Telecom Organisation, he conducts training programs in the areas of NGN Technologies, Broadband Policy and Regulation, Interconnection Costing in NGN Era, Spectrum Management, IPV6, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Blue-Ocean Strategy. He is first Indian recipient of IPv6 Hall of Fame – 2019 by Global IPv6 Forum and also the Chairman of Bharat IPv6 Forum.

Presently, he is working as Chairman, BLUETOWN, India & BIMSTEC, S. Asia to forge newer partnerships and “Making It Happen” its Vision of “Connecting the Unconnected people living in Rural areas of World”.

Sessions in which Satyen Gupta participates

Thursday 21 October, 2021

Time Zone: (GMT+01:00) Brussels
6:00 - 7:00 | 1 hour

The Digital Around the World has opened a window for conversations on enhancing thesecurity as well as capacity by implementing nationwide new internet infrastructure usingIPv6 and IoT technologies and also the creation of secured internet infrastructure.We would introduce, the IPv6 and IoT evangelists committed to working together toencourage provision of IPv6 and IoT products and services to the society at large.This session gives the opportunity to explore the innova...

10:00 - 11:00 | 1 hour

After completing a 24-hours virtual trip around the globe, representatives from the five continents will share what they learned and witnessed from the Digital Around the World 2021. Indeed, the session will be the closing of this year’s event but, also, the opening of a new and interesting set of challenges for all the communities. One of the objectives of the Digital Around the World is to promote of regional and international cooperation an...