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Prof Oreste Pollicino

Professor; Member
Bocconi University
Participates in 2 items

Oreste Pollicino is a Full Professor of Constitutional Law at the Bocconi University in Milan, where he teaches Internet Law, Constitutional Law and Public Law and is also the coordinator of the LL.M. in Law of Internet Technology. He has been a visiting professor at the universities of Oxford, Budapest (CEU), Haifa and Fribourg 

He is the founder and executive director of the portal MediaLaws ( and the “Rivista di diritto dei media”. He is also out of the founders and directors of the “Rivista di diritti comparati”.

He is the author and editor of more than 200 publications, including monographs and edited collections, including: Internet Law and Protection of Fundamental Rights, Egea, 2022; Judicial Protection of Fundamental Rights on the Internet, Hart, 2021; Codice della privacy e data protection, Giuffrè, 2021 with R. D’Orazio, G. Finocchiaro and G. Resta); Blockchain and Public Law. Global Challenges in the Era of Decentralisation, Cheltenham, 2021 with G. De Gregorio); Copyright and Fundamental Rights in the Digital Age, Edward Elgar, 2020 with G.M. Riccio and M. Bassini); La riforma del mercato audiovisivo europeo, Giappichelli, 2020 with G. Abbamonte and E. Apa); Hate speech and disinformation: A European Constitutional Perspective, EGEA, 2020 with G. Pitruzzella); Diritto dell’informazione e dei media, Giappichelli, 2019 with G.E. Vigevani, C. Melzi d’Eril, M. Cuniberti and M. Bassini); Commentario alla Carta dei diritti fondamentali dell’Unione europea, Giuffrè, 2017 with R. Mastroianni, O. Razzolini, S. Allegrezza and F. Pappalardo).

Amongst his most recent appointments at national and international level, from March to November 2021 he has been designated by the Italian Communications Authority as an expert within the fact-finding investigations relating to services offered on online platforms launched by resolution 44/21/CONS and is also an independent member of the Management Board of the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights and member of the Global Partneship of Articial Intelligence, OECD. He is also a member of the scientific committee of Fondazione Leonardo – Civiltà delle Macchine. In the past, he has been a member of the group of experts charged with drawing up a national artificial intelligence strategy, which was set up by the Ministry of Economic Development in 2019, as well as being a member of the committee of experts of the Ministry of Justice instructed to draft legislation to bring Italian law into line with the GDPR. He also has been designated by the Italian Communications Authority as an expert for the Digital Copyright  enforcement Regulation and for the White Paper on TV 2.0. He is currently an Honest Independent  Broker for Drafting the ‘European code of practice on disinformation.

He is also a member of the editorial committee of the journals, among others, ”Global Privacy Law Journal”, ”Zeitschrift für öffentliches Recht”, ”Opinio Juris in Comparatione”, “European Law Journal” and ”Sistema penale”.

Sessions in which Prof Oreste Pollicino participates

Tuesday 18 April, 2023

Time Zone: (GMT+01:00) Rome
2:00 PM
2:00 PM - 2:30 PM | 30 minutes
International Cooperation
international cooperationFundamental rights
3:30 PM
3:30 PM - 5:00 PM | 1 hour 30 minutes
Data Protection in Italy
Regulatory evolutionSessions available in ItalianSocio-economic perspectiveFundamental rights