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Assoc. Prof. Deborah Mascalzoni

Group Leader ELSI (Ethical Legal and Social Issues in Research)
Eurac Research Bolzano
Participates in 1 Session

Dr. Deborah Mascalzoni is the research group leader of the ELSI research group at the Institute for Biomedicine (IfB) of Eurac Research in Bolzano, Italy, and Associate Professor at the Centre for Research Ethics and Bioethics (CRB), Uppsala University, Sweden. Her main research interests are genetics and new technologies including rare diseases and vulnerable communities, participant and patient communication with special attention to human rights and privacy within the use of data. Deborah Mascalzoni is author of more than 60 peer reviewed articles. 

She has been extensively working on projects focusing on research participant engagement and participant rights in biobanking. She serves as an advisor in different projects and is a member of different international and national advisory boards.

Deborah Mascalzoni developed, together with IT experts, the Dynamic Consent Platform for the Cooperative Health Research in South Tyrol (CHRIS) Study at Eurac Research, used by more than 13.400 individuals since 2011 (

Sessions in which Assoc. Prof. Deborah Mascalzoni participates

Monday 17 April, 2023

Time Zone: (GMT+01:00) Rome
11:00 AM
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM | 1 hour
Health and Medical Data Compliance
Health and medical data Data protection in practiceRegulatory evolution