Spell Crafting: An Introduction to Arithmancy

Wizarding World Knowledge & SkillsASL Interpretation Provided
3:15 PM, Sunday 11 Aug 2019 CDT (1 hour)
Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center - Occamy Room (D170/172)
Have you ever wondered how all the mystical spells within Harry Potter were created? Ever wanted to create your own spell and sound wicked cool? Ever wanted to learn more about Arithmancy, the mysterious subject used in the art of Spell Creation, spell modification, and partial divination? In this lecture and workshop, you will be guided through the process of creating your own spell after discussing the basic principles behind Spell Creation. We will discuss some basic ideas from mathematics and physics as it relates to the success of the spell itself, alongside the importance of syllables and wand movements. Be prepared to have fun and geek out!

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