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Who Is Anthony Goldstein?

Character Study
2:00 PM, Sunday 11 Aug 2019 CDT (1 hour)
Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center - Occamy Room (D170/172)
Anthony Goldstein was just another character in the background universe of Harry Potter — until December 2014, when J.K. Rowling thrust him into the representation limelight as the series’ first explicitly Jewish character. Two years later, two more Jewish wixen showed up, this time on the big screen. (Incidentally, their names? Also Goldstein.) However, little is known about our token Jewish wizard. If you look up Anthony Goldstein on the Harry Potter wiki, his page shows a blond-haired, blue-eyed video game character, but his Pottermore page shows a brown-haired illustration. What does he look like? Are Tina and Queenie related to him? Does J.K. Rowling think there’s only one Jewish name? Only JKR really knows for sure, but this Jewish Harry Potter fan has lots of thoughts. In this discussion, we will touch upon the various curiosities of the Goldstein Conundrum to try to answer one very important question: who is Anthony Goldstein?
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