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Family Track

Youth Programming
Event Hours
10:00 AM, Friday 15 Jul 2011 EDT (5 hours)
All children registered for the family track must be in Banda Sea 2 during these scheduled times; all other times they are free to accompany their parents to the rest of the conference.

Activities include:

  • Characters: Four costumed staff members, trained in Potter movies, books and materials.
  • Trivia: Harry Potter trivia, word scrambles and challenging word games.
  • Airbrushed Tattoos: Six colors and over 300 designs to choose from. These awesome tattoos will last for over a week, or can be removed immediately!
  • Magical Face Painting: Our resident artist can paint monster faces or fairies and everything in between.
  • Edible Crafts: making butterbeer, edible wands, wizards hat cupcakes and more delicious fun each day for a snack.
  • Wizard Craft Station: Includes witches broom craft, dragon cards, Alivan's wand craft, Golden Snitch Coloring Station, Death Eater Masks, Frogs and more crafty projects that the kids can take with them!
  • Potions in Motion: A discovery into making things POP AND Fizzle. We include Goblets, Cauldrons and an assortment of fun recipes and experiments that kids will love to make themselves.
  • Assorted running, moving and dancing games: From dragons and wizards, witches' freezedance, glow-in-the-dark party and more fun moving games! We include all the music, sports equipment (balls, hula hoops, cards, puzzles and more fun to play with) and programming to make it fun!

Appearances by many LeakyCon 2011 special guests, including wizard rockers, StarKid and actors from the Harry Potter films.

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