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The Forty-Line Stare: The Case for Remus/Sirius

Examine the Canon
12:45 PM, Sunday 13 Oct 2019 EDT (1 hour)
Seaport World Trade Center - Cityview Ballroom
Since first meeting Remus Lupin and Sirius Black in Prisoner of Azkaban, we became obsessed with their relationship, and, yes, their love story. Their meeting at the end of the book is the book’s emotional climax and absolutely electrifying. Finding out that Sirius became an animagus to keep Remus company during his werewolf transformations sends us to tears. And then Order of the Phoenix happened, and we were entirely convinced. The two are now living together, staring at each other for forty lines, and serving as Harry’s quasi-parents. Did you also read the Sirius and Remus relationship as more than friends? Were you as obsessed with The Shoebox Project as we were? Let’s embark on a close reading of this relationship. We’re still convinced.
Columbia Law School
Associate Director of Faculty Affairs
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