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#WizardTeam Live: Snakes in a Historian and Other Nightmare Fuel

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12:45 PM, Friday 11 Oct 2019 EDT (1 hour)
Seaport Hotel Boston - Seaport Ballroom
#WizardTeam is a weekly Harry Potter podcast for true Potterheads. Each week Bayana Davis and Robyn Jordan do a close reread of the books chapter-by-chapter, discussing all of their thoughts and feelings and even coming up with some strange and hilarious headcanons of their own. Join members of the #WizardTeam community as we discuss snakes, spiders, Inferi, and other nightmare fuel in the series. We’ll discuss whether it hit us the same on the first and later readings, and how we as individuals and as a fandom have coped with the descriptions that go bump in the night.

My Session Status

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