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ETHICS IS NOT WHAT WE THINK IT IS: Six Misunderstood Insights into Ethics with Keynote by Paul Root Wolpe

EthicsLive Stream
9:00 AM, Mardi 21 Mar 2017 (3 heures)
Loews Atlanta Hotel - Mercer Ballroom
While we often debate or discuss ethical dilemmas, we less often think deeply about what ethics itself is.  Drawing on over thirty years studying ethics, Dr. Wolpe will explore six assumptions that people have about ethics that are, in his opinion, either wrong or incompletely understood. In so doing he will show why these insights help us resolve ethical challenges, and will include some special bonus insights such as why ethics is not actually about right and wrong; why it is good to be ethically inconsistent; and the true reason why Jews eat Chinese food.

Keter Torah: 1.5 hours for each session
Emory University
Director, Center for Ethics
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