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ABS232 - Who am I? Who should I be? A case study about the emergence of values and I /self positions within Colombian cultural context

1.2 Children’s development and childhood
11:40 AM, Tuesday 29 Aug 2017 (20 minutes)
Midday Meal   12:00 PM to 01:30 PM (1 hour 30 minutes)
The research investigated the emergence of social values in contexts of violence. We created a playful semi-structured setting where dolls, family objects and the introduction of a gun toy set the stage for four boys, about 10 years-old, to create and enact their own story about those characters. After the filmed play session, we interviewed the boys about what happened during their story. Here we focus upon Felipe, and the way he, during his narrative, organized and reorganized his affective semiotic fields, which guided his previous actions during the play session, and his interpretations, therefore creating the basis for an ongoing construction of his social values. We also analyzed the dynamics of his I-Positions in relation to his affective organization of possible future values. Oscillations and hesitations suggested a huge tension between social roles and meanings, culturally canalized by his family, and his own, agentic affective-semiotic fields, suggesting the emergence of new I-Positions. We conclude that I-Positions are built through processes of personal affectogenesis and the socio-historical canalization of social values within specific collective cultures.
University of Brasilia
University of Brasilia
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