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ABS421 - Implications of intersubjective and transformative praxis for field work

3.3 Interventionist methodologies: bridging theory and practice
11:40 AM, Thursday 31 Aug 2017 (20 minutes)
Midday Meal   12:00 PM to 01:30 PM (1 hour 30 minutes)

Qualitative research has contributed to the health sector, specifically to public health because it brings new analysis of parameters related to the strengthening of the principles of the Unified Health System (SUS), emphasizing interdisciplinarity, the enhancement of inter-subjectivity and citizenship. The objective of this work is to bring some of the experiences of researchers in an area in a situation of social exclusion, valuing the intersubjective implications and ethical-political aspects. The origin of Vila dos Pescadores, in Baixada Santista-São Paulo, is related to the history of occupation of mangrove areas in Santos, and part of the transformations of urban space, where it reveals a typical exclusion framework that has been imposed socially and politically over the past decades. Data collection was performed through two instruments: participant observation and, semi-structured interviews. The method of analysis of the three studies used Depth Hermeneutics (DH) as proposed by Thompson (2011), as it enables an understanding of the cultural and symbolic phenomena contextualized socio-historically.So we consider that the process of joint learning, between the researchers and subjects involved in research, led to an ongoing reflection on the roles and limits that occupied such research, to the strengthening of close ties between the actors involved, and to the encouragement of new forms of organization in their social life. In addition, this approach could contribute to denaturalization processes of exclusion and trigger a transformative praxis. Furthermore, the link between research, teaching and community-based programs has enabled new discussion parameters on the social role of the university.

Universidade Federal de São Paulo
Universidade Federal de São Paulo
Universidade Federal de São Paulo
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