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Regional meeting - Ghana, South Africa and other Africa countries

Regional meeting
1:30 PM, Wednesday 30 Aug 2017 (1 hour)
Message from Out-going Coordinator for ISCAR Africa Region
Dear colleagues. Apologies for my inability to be in Quebec and at the congress. I thank you all for the supported rendered in our effort to create a vibrant ISCAR platform in the Africa. Though we could not do much, in terms of creating activities, I wish you a fruitful gathering and hope you will have insightful deliberations on how to make our regional platform much more viable.
Mohammed-Aminu Sanda
University of Ghana
Out-going Coordinator for ISCAR Africa Region

Issues for Discussion at Africa Regional Meeting

1. Incoming Regional Coordinator for ISCAR Africa RegionAssociate Professor Joanne Hardman of the University of Cape Town, South Africa, has agreed to represent the region as the new coordinator for the Africa Region, and Representative on the New ISCAR Exco. Prof. Hardman is founding member of ISCAR Africa Region

Prof. Joanne Hardman
University of Cape Town, South Africa
Telephone: (021) 650 3920
Fax: (021) 650 3489
Interests: Sociocultural and Activity theory; Learning and cognition; developmental psychology; mediation of scientific concepts at a foundation phase; ICT's as pedagogical tools.

2. Proposition to host ISCAR Conference in 2023 
Proposal has been sent for the new ISCAR Exco to consider Africa hosting the Congress after Brazil in 2013. The proposed host is University of Cape Town.

Please attend the AGM/ISCAR Members’ Meeting on Thursday (5.30–6.30 in Room 2000B).
University of Ghana
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