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ABS060 - Rethinking inclusion of preschool children with disabilities: An analysis using the concept of social situation of development - Board 43

2.3 The social construction of [dis]ability and difference/homogeneity
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11:00 AM, Wednesday 30 Aug 2017 (1 hour)
Disability and education for children with disabilities have been viewed mostly through “medical model” and “social model” of disability. However, Vygotsky’s (1993) cultural-historical concept of secondary disability and his concept of inclusion almost remain unheard. Literature has shown that the participation of children with disabilities in preschools has not received enough attention of researchers (Law et al., 2012; Raghavendra, 2013). This interactive poster will present the study which explores participation of children with disabilities in an Australian mainstream preschool using cultural-historical lenses of disability and inclusion. This study uses the concept of the social situation of development as an analytical tool to understand the participation process of children with disabilities. Children with disabilities and children without disabilities were filmed in different activity settings in preschool. In addition to that, teacher’s and parents’ perspectives were captured through series of unstructured interviews. The result to date shows how the preschool culture and practice help the children as well as how the children themselves bring change in practice or cope with existing practice to participate in preschool activities. The findings contribute to the less explored area of inclusion in preschool level. The study has implications for special education, teacher development and inclusive practice in preschool level.
Monash University
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