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SYMP 261 - Unpacking ‘signs of learning’ in complex social environments: How to desettle neoliberal market driven educational methodologies, epistemologies and recognitions of learning

3.1 Farther reaches of theoretical and methodological explorations
Symposium (Symp)
1:30 PM, Jeudi 31 Août 2017 (2 heures)
Afternoon Refreshments   03:30 PM à 03:50 PM (20 minutes)
The congress theme pushes us to engage in deep conversations about challenging issues that expand on current practice and lead to new ideas. In this symposium, we engage with the past in that we build on mediated action and mediated discourse analysis with roots in the work of Vygotsky and practice theory, frameworks with a long history in the study of learning in situ. Essentially, we are interested in the design and study of meaning making in multimodal contexts. Yet, we also do so in new ways, building on the call made by Kress (2012) for engaging deeply and possibly in new ways with ‘signs of learning’. Maybe it is the commodification of education that has marginalized or erased altogether the study of creative ways of becoming, interpreting and learning that Vygotsky had so much to say about. In this symposium, we aim to re-engage with creative learning and attend to sociomaterial practices, analyzing agency as a situated process. We attend to the multimodal and multisensory and the ways they mediate the production of learners and learning, but also agency that then results in expansive and transformative forms of learning and becoming. By building on the work of sociocultural and semiotic theory and challenging current neoliberal ideals about what counts as knowing, learning, becoming and who can come to know, the symposium aims to engage in a dialogue with the audience about new ways to recognize learning and engage with learning.
Université de Montréal
Université du Luxembourg
Université du Luxembourg
École nationale d'administration publique
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Temple University
University of Colorado at Boulder
University of Calgary

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