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ABS165 - Social work and health services for men who have been raped by men, out of a CHAT perspective

3.3 Interventionist methodologies: bridging theory and practice
4:10 PM, jeudi 31 août 2017 (20 minutes)
Cultural-Historical Activity Theory (CHAT) deals with the development of human beings in a reciprocal relationship to each other and to their social, cultural and material context. Nevertheless, little of the published work regarding CHAT deals with human sexuality and its social construction as a specific research area. I am conducting research about men being raped by men in order to contribute an understanding of what interventions, especially from the local Social Work and Health Services perspectives, are effective in providing appropriate and timely help and support that these men need. Notions used in my presentation are masculinity/femininity, gender, sexuality, homosexual/sexual orientation/sexual identity, rape/sexual assault, prostitution/sex work, sexual script and shame. It is difficult to find discussions of these notions using the perspective of CHAT.
I would like to promote a discussion of these notions and their implications using CHAT as the basis for the discussion wherein I present my study as the starting point for interaction. The key findings of the study are that the men’s needs from service providers appear to be linked to both the societal and the individual's views on masculinity, sexuality and homosexuality. Further, there appears to be a reciprocal connection between the society’s lack of words and the respondents’ vulnerability such that if the respondents have not acquired cultural tools from their historical context they cannot understand what has happened to them and how they might manage themselves to resolve their situation.
University of Gothenburg