ABS179 - The children in learning of reading and writing: Literacy as a subjective process

1.2 Children’s development and childhood
11:00 AM, mardi 29 août 2017 (20 minutes)
This study aims to understand aspects that characterize processes of writing and reading of children who were engaged in their first writing productions, attending the second grade of an Elementary Public School in Brasília, DF. In addition to operational aspects, we seek to comprehend how children subjectivated their learning possibilities and their new abilities of expression in a writing-reading way. The work takes as its theoretical basis the Theory of Subjectivity in a Cultural-Historical Perspective (González Rey, 2005) and its contributions to highlight novel angles of the literacy process, a theme studied for so long and so many, from the Qualitative Epistemology and its tree principles: the constructive-interpretative approach, the dialogical attitude and the orientation to singularity, the instruments designed. They were: observation, conversational strategies, sentences completion, playing and writing activities developed with the children. Although this study was developed with the whole class, this work presents the case of one of the girls involved. Gabi was eight years old when the research was made. She was chosen as an example of how subjective senses of literacy and writing are not directly connected with school place, but it could have different expressions according to emotional meanings given by the children. For Gabi, the way the teacher guided the learning process in the classroom started new subjective senses about the writing process. In this way, Gabi developed a creative, subjective sense about her ability of writing and reading, also building a new meaning about her authorship competence.

University of Brasilia
Universidade de Brasília
Teacher at Faculty of Education
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