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Space, Discourse, and Meaning in a Transdisciplinary Design Studio

3.1 Farther reaches of theoretical and methodological explorations
Paper in a Symposium (Symp)
2:10 PM, Jeudi 31 Août 2017 (20 minutes)
This micro-ethnography of a design studio brings together scientists and doctoral students from molecular biology and human geography at a research university. As 13 students and two instructors engage in the design critique, they position or align themselves to a new transdisciplinary domain of bio-social knowledge. This study (using participant observations, audio, video recordings, and student artifacts) documents pedagogical pivot points in the design crits and participants’ use of the studio space as they work towards mutual understanding over one academic year. Similarly, Davies and Harré (2000) speak about “positioning” or how speakers position themselves in dialogue as being the key to understanding agency. Students cited the unfamiliarity of the studio; it was like nothing they had experienced previously in their university experience. Yet, this disorientation had productive and creative results, pushing them into a new “discomfort” and understanding of themselves as academic border-crossers.
Temple University
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