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ABS234 - The meaning counting for educational innovation. Reflections on dialogue and secondary gender and sexuality

2.6 Dialogue and the co-construction of knowledge
5:40 PM, Mercredi 30 Août 2017 (20 minutes)
The high school students, daily build their sexuality from relationships with themselves and others. At school, they are given a wealth of interactions through verbal and bodily dialogue. Sexuality is experienced at all times and is configured by means of symbols and meanings networks. In this investigation, the object of study is the meanings evoked by a group of teenagers in a high school located 45 minutes from the state capital. Ethnography has yielded traces of these meanings, unveiled in the records of observation, focus groups and interviews. The symbolic gender order in which adolescents live, the performativity of identities, subjectivities heteronormative discourses of school and family have created a complex to understand and comprehend the world we currently inhabit. The notion of sexuality understood as that which is founded by the influence of historical, cultural and social factors, which involves both a process of construction and deconstruction of meaning derived in how they manifest their sexuality crossed by gender. Some results presented here derive from these approaches, grouped in three empirical categories: gender "naturalized" the "domination" in creating emotional ties and the "power" of the discourse on the body of the other. Such findings are practical inputs for the start of an innovative exercise in that school, reflection, awareness, and consistency are evoked by the participants in the exercise.
Sistema Educativo Estatal Regular (SEER), Mexico
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