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Quantum-safe Cryptography & Security: Challenges & Vision

CybersecurityInnovative Technologies and Data ProtectionQuantum Computing
4:30 PM, Tuesday 5 Apr 2022 (1 hour)
University Ca' Foscari - Aula Mario Baratto

Track description:  By exploiting the properties of quantum physics, quantum computing represents a fundamental paradigm shift. Recent advancements in this field are staggering and pose new challenges – some are predicting a dramatic threat to encrypted data and communication, bringing to a “quantum apocalypse”. 

Actually, teleportation of information via entanglement could offer the highest security within a quantum information network. And in the short term, two alternatives could provide security: Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC), based on the hardness of the mathematical constructions, and Quantum Key Distribution (QKD), based on quantum physics.

In this track we will explain what quantum technologies are bringing and how they impact security how to build the next generation of secure communications and quantum internet how to protect classical data and communications (quantum-safe) give you an overview of market trends, ecosystem, challenges and vision.

Session description: In this session, we will explain why and how to prepare now the protection classical data and communications from a future quantum computer (quantum-safe). We conclude the afternoon with a worldwide overview of market trends, ecosystem, challenges and vision.

Board Member of AIOTI, Founder of IoT Tribe and CEO of BluSpecs
Research Project Director at SAP, President of QuIC, & Vice-President of BDVA
Eurobits / eleQtron
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