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Privacy and National Security

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11:00 PRZED POŁUDNIEM, czwartek 20 kwi 2023 (1 godz.)
Ca' Foscari University of Venice - Aula Mario Baratto
Data Protection in Practice

Join a group of national security experts from Europe and United States to continue the conversation from last year's panel about protecting data privacy in national security to focus this year's discussion on "Oversight" to understand how our countries ensure that privacy safeguards are followed.


Last year, national security experts from countries such as Denmark, France, and the United States shared practitioner insights on how their countries, in the context of responding to national security threats, have robust rules for accessing data and subsequently processing the data.  These same expert practitioners will share how their countries ensure compliance with the rules, including discussing the various oversight bodies and oversight reporting. 


Specific national security oversight topics will include: 

-- Discussing the value and purpose of both internal compliance and external oversight;

-- The types of oversight bodies and their functions;

-- Oversight reporting; and

-- Transparency challenges and opportunities in publicly explaining compliance incidents and trends and oversight decisions in the context of sensitive national security information.

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