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Who is the Minister of Social Services and Can They Be Fired?

Harry's Wondrous World
3:00 PM, Friday 1 Sep 2017 IST (50 minutes)
Citywest Hotel Dublin - Rathcoole Suite (Citywest Hotel Leisure Centre)
When you take a hard look at the Wizarding World, you can easily spot some administrative flaws. Their whole society is run by people who apparently haven't taken classes in writing or math since they were 11. We don't know of any system for educating Squibs once they find out they won't be studying magic--and actually, if their system knows when a magical child is born, why can't it also alert the parents of Squibs so they can be put into Muggle schools from the start? Join us as we rant and rave about why wizards are The Worst™, and why they don't ever seem to change.
Black Girls Create
Co-Founder and Head of Community; Co-host #WizardTeam: A Harry Potter Podcast
Black Girls Create
Co-Founder & Editor In Chief
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