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Cheyanne Schneider


Cosplay GoH

Hello! My name is Cheyanne, aka Miss Boof. I am an IT Program Manager by day and a garage gremlin outside of work hours, bringing to life pop-culture & video game characters and my own original designs. 

Radcon holds a special place in my heart. It was here in 2017, that I debuted my first cosplay build - a Lagertha shield maiden! (SHIELDWALL!) Since that first build, I have continued to challenge myself to branch out to all different kinds of materials such as foam, pepakura, sewing, thermoplastics, leathercraft, chainmail & dragon scale, sculpting, mold making, resin casting, 3-d modeling/printing, and have discovered a real love of incorporating dynamic electronics through building my own circuits and programming micro controllers. 

While I am relatively new to cosplaying, I have had the absolute honor to compete against some of the most skilled makers in the PNW. Here are the competitions I have participated in and the awards I have been honored to receive:

  • Halo Worlds Championship - 2nd Place 
  • Emerald City Comic Con Cosplay Central Crown Championships - 2023 - First Place - Armor 
  • Emerald City Comic Con Cosplay Central Crown Championships - 2019 - Second Place - Special Effects Masters
  • Poropalooza Cosplay Competition - 2018 - Second Place 
  • Radcon - Masquerade - 2019 - First Place - Masters Workmanship
  • PAX - Pink Party at Club Neumos Cosplay Competition - 2019 - First Place