Hugh S. Gregory

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Hugh S. Gregory, Spaceflight Historian. A survivor of a recent battle
with cancer, Hugh is an avid Spaceflight Historian based in Vancouver,
Canada. His career includes Engineers' Surveyor, Industrial
Paramedic/EMT and managing his own OHS Program consulting service.
His research portfolio includes the conceptual theory work on the
E.L.D.S.R.R. space reactor, Project M.O.S.S. (Musk Observatory
Supernova Search), Project M.A.S.T. (Mars Analogue Simulation Trainer)
for the Mars Society and co-authoring a paper published in
Cartographia on mapping on Mars. From 2005 to 2008 he was the Mars
Society Engineering Team's Chief Training Documents Editor, Chief
Cartographer and Waypoint Database Curator for both the MDRS and FMARS
research stations. From 2006 to 2015 he was the Official Spokes person
for the Orbital Commerce Project, the world's first non-government
funded flight school for training sub-orbital pilots and payload
He's produced and sold videos on "Voyager 2 at Neptune", "The Gas
Planets", "SSTO-The DC-X", "Soviet Space Disasters" and "The Flight Of
Buran-The Russian Shuttle Story".
Hugh’s slide/video shows have been appearing at Conventions across
North America and also overseas for over 30 years, including 11 world
cons and 8 Dragon Cons.
On weekends he's a private pilot, amateur astronomer, vertical wind
tunnel Bodyflyer, an Emotive BC - volunteer electric vehicle
Ambassador and enjoys mountain hiking and skiing with his wife Anne.
This is Hugh's 11th RadCon appearance.

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Friday 14 February, 2020

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Saturday 15 February, 2020

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