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RPG Games- Savage Rifts, Premade Characters, "Savage Worlds"

7:00 PM, Friday 14 Feb 2020 (4 hours)

TABLE L1 – “M4’s and Dragons – Part 1”

Savage Worlds – 6+ players – pre-gens – GM – Pastor Rod

A US Space Marine Team is to rescue a politician from a restricted travel planet. The politically incorrect fun begins there. Remember to ad "space" as an adjective to your nouns. It's not a hamburger; it’s a SPACE hamburger, etc. Help build the story by adding your own spin.

TABLE L2 – “The Ice Heist”

Open Legends 1st ed. – 5 players – pre-gens – GM – FailHouse

A small mercenary band is offered a huge payday to retrieve an experimental weapon. The only hitch is it's held in a mountain facility in the midst of a snow storm. Choose the best members for the job, plan your approach, and execute the heist.

TABLE L3 – “Rite of Passage: A Kzinti Story”

Chaosium Ringworld RPG – 2-5 players – pre-gens – GM – Cayusequin

A trip to the Kzinti hunting preserve planet of Banden is a family tradition. You’ll need to work with your Kzinti cub siblings to stalk and kill prey out on the savanna grasslands of this tidally locked world. However, you may not be the only hunters in search of prey….

TABLE C2 – “Sailors on the Starless Sea”

Dungeon Crawl Classics – 5 players – pre-gens – GM – Billy

Since time immemorial, your people have toiled in the shadow of the cyclopean ruins. But now something stirs beneath the rubble. Beastmen howl at night and your fellow villagers are snatched from their beds. With no heroes to defend you, it falls to you to stand against the encircling darkness!

TABLE R1 – “Riding West Ridge”

GURPS 4th ed. Old West – 5 players – pre-gens – GM – Con Goer With No Name

Since Little Big Horn, the natives have been raiding towns and attacking travelers. On a quite summer night, a young girl was kidnapped from her bed in Molson. The sheriff rounds up a small pose and begins investigating.

TABLE R3 – “Sigantium”

Pathfinder 1st ed. – 6 players – pre-gens – GM – Rick Sanchez

Join other Sigantium Archmage academy students in their adventures in our brand new campaign setting premiering at RADCON 2020! High magic in a world of Airships & Dragons. Take control of one of our exciting new classes like the Arcane Templar, Elementech Engineer, Airship Captain, Sigantium Bard, or Arcane chef!

TABLE R4 – “Battle of Savo Island”

Combined Fleet rules – undetermined players – GM – Chuck Harnack

Players command ships in a WW II naval miniatures battle.

TABLE R5 – “The Great War”

Rules unknown – 6 players – GM – Doug Nolan

This is a miniatures war game.

TABLE R6 – “A Big Battle”

DBA Ancient Historical rules – undetermined players – GM – Terry Griner

This is a miniatures war game.