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RPG Games

9:00 AM, Saturday 15 Feb 2020 (4 hours)
Gold - Dealers 1

TABLE L2 – “The Dilean Tomb”

D&D 5th ed. – 7 payers – pre-made-characters – GM – Peter Hillebrant

The blacksmith’s daughter has been kidnapped by “demons” and taken deep into the Boar Forest to a tomb, belonging to an ancient order of knights. Who kidnapped the blacksmith’s daughter? Why? And more importantly, will the heroes save her in time?

TABLE R1 – “Rescue the Physicist”

GURPS 4th edition – 8 players – pre-gens – GM – Tim the Enchanter

In Mission 42, you’re the elite team of Special Forces parachuting into a hostile country to rescue a kidnapped physicist. Failure is not an option!

TABLE R2 – “Blood in the Rockies – Part 2 of 3”

Call of Cthulhu 7th ed. – 8 players – pre-gens – GM Ross

Doom has come to the idyllic city of Colorado Springs, though no one knows it. Join GM Ross as we explore the story over three days starting on Friday with a new chapter unveiled each day. Same characters, same story, in one big mystery. The conclusion is Sunday.

TABLE R3 – “Sigantium”

Pathfinders 1st ed. – 6 players – pre-gens – GM – Rick Sanchez

Join other Sigantium Archmage academy students in their adventures in our brand new campaign setting premiering at RADCON 2020! High magic in a world of Airships & Dragons. Take control of one of our exciting new classes like the Arcane Templar, Elementech Engineer, Airship Captain, Sigantium Bard, or Arcane chef!

TABLE R4 – “Kursk Battle”

Tank miniatures rules – undetermined players – GM – Chuck Harnack

This is a miniatures war game.

TABLE R5 – “Kaboom!”

Kaboom! rules – 8 players – GM – Doug Nolan

This is a miniatures war game.

TABLE R6 – “Field of Glory”

DBA Ancient Historical rules – Undetermined players – GM – Kaylee Boomer

This is a miniatures war game.

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