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RPG Games

2:00 PM, Saturday 15 Feb 2020 (4 hours)
Red Lion Hotel Pasco, WA - Gold - Art & Panels

TABLE L1 – “26th annual Battletech Tournament”

Battletech Total Warfare, MFNA tournament rules – 6 players – GAME START 12 p.m. – GM – Pastor Rod

One initial entry Mech based on sliding BV to Piloting/Gunnery. MECH CHECK IN AT NOON, tournament start at 1 p.m. All mechs will be created using Solaris Skunkworks (we'll print them out for you). Battle for the prize using our standard tournament rules based on the 2014 MechForce North America Arena rules.

TABLE L2 – “Mission on Mithril”

Uncharted Worlds – 6 players – pre-gens – GM – Brother Nunzio

In Mission on Mithril, the player characters have been contracted to survey the wintry world of Mithril, especially three unknown anomalies detected from space.

TABLE L3 – “One of us: Ultraverse Comics Adventure”

Supers! Revised – 2-5 players – pre-gens – GM – Cayusequin

The Freex (runaway mutants) will race to locate a teenage victim of the wetware virus before they are found by hostile authorities or the vigilante group known as The Night Patrol. Can The Freex get help from the mysterious Night Man, the P.I. known as Firearm, or the teenage hero Prime?

TABLE C2 – “Portal Under the Stars”

Dungeon Crawl Classics – 5 players – pre-gens – GM – Billy

Seeking wealth and escape from your peasant lives, you decide to take a chance and jump through a supernatural portal that appears only once every half-century, when the stars are right. Rumors say that it leads to a dungeon filled with treasure. But the truth is far more deadly.

TABLE R1 – “Dark Continent and Beyond!”

GURPS 4th ed. – 8 players – pre-gens – GM – Tim the Enchanter

In the Steam-punkish game you must find the intrepid Dr. Livingston somewhere in Africa. Many mysteries abound the Dark Continent and clues to his whereabouts are stranger still.

TABLE R3 – “Sigantium”

Pathfinders 1st ed. – 6 players – pre-gens – GM – Rick Sanchez

Join other Sigantium Archmage academy students in their adventures in our brand new campaign setting premiering at RADCON 2020! High magic in a world of Airships & Dragons. Take control of one of our exciting new classes like the Arcane Templar, Elementech Engineer, Airship Captain, Sigantium Bard, or Arcane chef!

TABLE R4 – “Battle of Guadalcanal”

Combined Fleet rules – Undetermined players – GM – Chuck Harnack

This is a miniatures war game.

TABLE R5 – “Wings of Glory”

Wings of Glory rules – 8 players – GM – Doug Nolan

This is a miniatures war game.

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