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RPG Games

1:00 PM, Sunday 16 Feb 2020 (4 hours)

TABLE L1 – “M4’s and Dragons – Part 3”

Savage Worlds – 6+ players – pre-gen – GM – Pastor Rod

Our Heroes infiltrate the deep caverns under the Murder Hollow Woods to the East, deep in Kurdok's territory, to save the world. This "part" of the adventure is stand alone and open to anyone. Help build the story with your own spin on things.

TABLE C2 – “Frozen in Time”

Dungeon Crawl Classics – 5 players – pre-gens – GM – Billy

Eons-old secrets slumber beneath the forbidden Ghost Ice. Since time immemorial, the local tribes have shunned the crawling glacier, knowing it as taboo land that slays all who tread its frigid expanse. Now, the Ghost Ice has shattered, revealing hints at deeper mysteries entombed within its icy grasp ...

TABLE R3 – “Sigantum”

Pathfinder 1st ed. – 6 players – pre-gens – GM – Rick Sanchez

Join other Sigantium Archmage academy students in their adventures in our brand new campaign setting premiering at RADCON 2020! High magic in a world of Airships & Dragons. Take control of one of our exciting new classes like the Arcane Templar, Elementech Engineer, Airship Captain, Sigantium Bard, or Arcane chef!