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Greg Crutsinger

Customer Success Manager - Agriculture
Participates in 1 Session

Dr. Greg Crutsinger is a Customer Success Manager for agriculture at Planet and is fascinated by most things geospatial. Prior to joining Planet, he spent over 6 years in the commercial drone industry working with leading hardware and software providers around mapping and imagery. While serving academia, Greg received his PhD in ecology and evolutionary biology focused on patterns of biodiversity in plants and animals.

Sessions in which Greg Crutsinger participates

Tuesday 1 March, 2022

Time Zone: (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
12:15 PM
12:15 PM EST - 12:45 PM EST | 30 minutes

Planet's constellation of satellites capture the whole of Earth's landmass every day. This unprecedented dataset provides insights to the agricultural sector, helping farmers and the companies that serve them make informed, timely decisions. But translating that data into insights isn’t always straightforward. In this session, Greg Crutsinger will go over the fundamental ways space observation is serving agricultural customers and present new applications in satellite data - everything fro...