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Aaron Addison
Vice President - Americas, Geospatial World
Regie Alam
President, ASG Mapping Ltd
Bilyana Anicic
President, Aurora Consulting


James Banting
VP, Research and Strategic Projects, Sparkgeo
Vicki Bassett
Sr Manager, Product Management, Maxar
Nick Bearman
GIS Trainer and Consultant, Geospatial Training Solutions
Daniel Bednar
Strategic Policy and Domestic Affairs / Politique stratégique et affaires internes, Canadian Space Agency / Agence spatiale canadienne
Arthur Berrill
CTO, Royal Bank of Canada
Briana Brown
Geographer, SafeGraph
Will Bryan
Business Development Manager, North America, Satellogic


Will Cadell
Founder & CEO, Sparkgeo
Mark Carmichael
Director of Product, MDA
Catherine Champagne
Manager, Earth Observation, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Sven Cowan
Canadian Program Manager, NV5 Geospatial
Peter Croswell
President/Lead Consultant, Croswell-Schulte IT Consultants
Greg Crutsinger
Customer Success Manager - Agriculture, Planet


Lesley Gamble
Geomatics Solutions Lead, MDA Geointelligence
Adina Gillespie
Director Of Business Development, Europe, GHGSat Inc.
Alex Gow
Sales Director, Satellite Vu
Sreeramam GV
Chief Executive Officer, NeoGeoInfo


Randy Hale
Ryan Hamilton
Sr Manager, Product Management, Maxar
David Harper
Director General, Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC)
Mischa Hey
Analytics Practice Lead, NV5 Geospatial
Wayne Hoyle
Senior Director, Business Development, MDA
Janin Huard
CSA Space Utilization, CSA
Chris Hyde
Director, WeatherDesk, Maxar


Nicholas Kellett
Founder & CEO, Deploy Software Solutions
Sanjay Kumar
CEO, Geospatial World, Geospatial World
Gerald Kutney
Managing Director, Sixth Element Sustainable Management


Eric Laliberté
Director General, Space Utilization, CSA
Michael Ann Lane
Global Education and Sales Development Manager, Hexagon Geospatial
Éric Loubier
Director General, Canada Centre for Mapping and Earth Observation


Steve Maddison
Account Manager, VertiGIS
Steve Mark
Director of Operations, Integrated Cadastral Information Society
Eden McDonald-Yale
Stakeholder Engagement Coordinator, Integrated Cadastral Information Society
David McKittrick
Outreach & Training Manager, Blue Marble Geographics
Peter Mclaren
Account Manager, VertiGIS
Jonathan Murphy
CEO, GoGeomatics Canada


Dr. Kumar Navulur
Sr. Director of Strategic Growth, Maxar Technologies
Daniel Nord
Chief Product Officer & SVP, Maxar Technologies


Eric Purdie
GIS Analyst, EABP Geospatial Consulting Inc.


Tomer Rockman
Data Scientist, Sparkgeo
John Roos
Business Development Director for Enterprise, Maxar Intelligence
Barbara Ryan
Executive Director, WGIC


Sarah Shivers
Product Manager, Hyperspectral Imaging, Planet
Prashant Shukle
Chair of the OGC Board of Directors ; Strategic Advisor, Global Geospatial Group
Bryan Smith
Director of Maritime Product Management, Maxar Technologies
Tony Stafford
Sales Engineer


Michael Taylor 
Product Manager, SafeGraph
Trevor Taylor
Senior Director, The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)
Jean-Claude Tétreault
Executive Director, Association of Canada Lands Surveyors


Adrián Unger
Manager of Satellite Information Based Solutions Office, VENG


Mr. Jurjen van der Sluijs
Unmanned Aircraft Systems Coordinator, NWT Centre for Geomatics


Michael Wollersheim
Director of Analytics, Iceye
Vivienne Wu
Manager of Business Development, MDA

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