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*Only publicly viewable people appear on this list. You can adjust this from the My Settings section of your profile.


Faiza A
Teacher, Aspiring GIS Professional, CRA, Penn State World Campus
Yasir A
Program Interface Management Analyst, Metrolinx
Ayodele Abayomi
Geoscientist and Map Specialist, NGSA
Aaron Addison
Vice President - Americas, Geospatial World
John Adourian
Educator , TCDSB
Daniel Adusu
Student , Lakehead University
Els Aelvoet
GIS Analyst, Library of Parliament
sajid Ahmad
Profassor , Cees punjab university lahore pakistan
parisa Ahmadi
Postdoc, SFU
Manager, Antaragrafik Systems
Victoria Akiije
Student , Nigeria
Janet Akpan
Geospatial Technologist, Self-Employed
Elaha Akrami
Environmental Science Reporting Coordinator, Ontario Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks
Raid Al-Tahir
Adjunct Professor, Unb
Moaz Alakhdar
Prgoram Manager, None
Regie Alam
President, ASG Mapping Ltd
Sarah Alban
Dir. Of Marketing, Eos Positioning Systems
Christina Albers
Principal, Bonnefield
Ger Ald
Lauren Allen
Analyst, Statistics Canada
Lauren Allen
Analyst, Statistics Canada
Griffin Allen
Student, Brock University
Myles Allurut
Assistant GIS Technician, Government of Canada
Emad Alrefaai
Land Surveyor, FSD
Tahseen Alshqairat
Engineering , Hala energy
Afnan Alturki
Lecturer , Pu
Meisam Amani
Senior Remote Senisng Team Engineer, Wood PLC
Sabrina Anderson
North American Education Account Manager, Hexagon
Janette Anderson
Coordinator, Great Lakes Program, Environment and Climate Change Canada
Nicole Anderson
MscF Student, Lakehead University
Product Owner, Hexagon
Geoff Andrews
GIS Programmer & Developer, Trent University
Melody Andrews
GIS Technician, City of Ottawa
Bilyana Anicic
President, Aurora Consulting
Bilyana Anicic
President, Aurora Consulting
Richard Arthurs
Software Engineer, SpaceAlpha Insights
Robyn Ash
Manager, Crown Survey Administration, Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources and Renewables
Sara Ashoori
Researcher & Geospatial Analyst & Advanced Drone Operator , Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT)
Azadeh Ashoori
Physical Scientist, Geomatics-Geophysics, Natural Resources Canada (NRCan)
James Ashton
Technology Manager, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Sharifah Atikah
Civil Engineer, NGO
Sydney Atkinson
GIS Technician & Archaeologist, Circle CRM Group Inc.


Loretta B-OB
Retired, Self
Loretta B-OB
Retired, Self
Rolitta Babu
Intern, Sparkgeo
Klaus-georg Bachhuber
Sales Development Representative, Planet
Mary Baker
Professor, Baker Consulting/Texas Tech
Courtney Baker
Student, University of Maine
Craig Bamford
Business Reporter, SpaceQ
Ranjeet Bandiwadekar
Environmental Engineer, Stantec
James Banting
VP, Research and Strategic Projects, Sparkgeo
Student, INRS
Simona Barany
GPT, Ministry of Transportation
Jean Baribeau
Gis specialist, AECOM
Carlos Baroja
Remote Sensign Project Manager, HEAD Aerospace
Vicki Bassett
Sr Manager, Product Management, Maxar
Tom Batty
Chief Operating Officer, 3D Planeta
Tobi Baugh
Instructor - School of Engineering Technologies, Lethbridge College
Nick Bearman
GIS Trainer and Consultant, Geospatial Training Solutions
Judith Marie Beaudoin
Land Surveyor, Government of Canada
Quincanna Becnel
Student, Houston Community College-Geography 1301
Daniel Bednar
Strategic Policy and Domestic Affairs / Politique stratégique et affaires internes, Canadian Space Agency / Agence spatiale canadienne
Amir Behnamian
Physical Scientist, Environment and Climate Change Canada
Dominic Belair
Geomatics Officer, Public Services and Procurement Canada
David Bélanger
Acting project manager, Natural Resources Canada (NRCan)
Jane Bell
Resource Technician, Forestry
Sam Bellamy
Vice President, Operations, Matrix Solutions
Ariel Belsheim
Instructor, Lethbridge College
Research, Lu
Gjende Bennett
Permit Archaeologist, Western Heritage
Mathieu Benoit
Senior Director, CCRS/CCMEO - NRCan
Arthur Berrill
CTO, Royal Bank of Canada
Andrei Betlen
CEO, Patagona Technologies
Alex Bevington
Hydrologist, BC Government
Ravindra Bharathi
Engineer, Graicells
Mohammad Bhatti
GIS Advisor , Put
Raushan Bhuiyan
Senior Economist, Government of Ontario
Mohammad Maruf Billah
PhD student, Virginia Tech
Pierre Bilodeau
Industry Manager Defence & Security, Esri Canada
Robert Boettcher
Geomatics Advisor, CJWC
Sandra Bolanos
Section Chief, Natural Resources Canada
Cliff Bootsma
Student, Self
Julie Botzas
Recruit, Statistics Canada
Marc Boucher
CEO, SpaceQ
Ian Bowles
Coordinator, Ontario Public Service
Rianna Boyle
Job Seeker, N/A
Wendy Branson
Collin Branton
GIS Water Resources Project Specialist, Upper Thames River Conservation Authority
John Bridgwood
Systems Engineer, Maxar
James Britton
Manager Mapping and Geomatics Services, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry
Chris Broadhead
Executive Director, Pela Global Limited
Nathalie Brousseau
Geomatics Manager, Publics Services and Procurement Canada
Kammy Brun
Managing Director at HEAD Aerospace, HEAD Aerospace
Will Bryan
Business Development Manager, North America, Satellogic
Brindusa Cristina Budei
Remote sensing researcher, Centre d’enseignement et de recherche en foresterie (CERFO), Collège de Sainte-Foy
Pierce Burch
Student, Carleton University
Colin Burchill
GIS Technician, City of Brantford
Hannah Burke
Geographic Information Systems Administrator, Waabnoong Bemjiwang Association of First Nations
Coen Bussink
Geospatial Information Officer, UNODC
Jason Bylsma
Chief Engineer, Kuva Systems


Julia C
GIS Developer, Statistics Canada
Romulus C
Data Collection Manager, Parknav
Alejandro Cabral
Ingeniero, EMPSA
Francis Cadeau
student, Royal Roads University
Will Cadell
Founder & CEO, Sparkgeo
jon caris
Director, Education
Mark Carmichael
Director of Product, MDA
Nicole Carpenter
Project Coordinator, Georgian Bay Forever
Michael Carter
SAR engineer, alphainsights
Camille Cassidy
Sr. Manager, Americas Marketing , Maxar
Lucas Casuccio
AgTech Consultancy, Independent
Ron Caves
Staff Engineer, MDA
Melanie Chabot
GIS Officer, Canadian Red Cross
Santanu Chakraborty
General Manager , Neogeoinfo Technologies Pvt Ltd
Giorgos Chalaris
GIS CONSULTANT , freelance GIS Consultant
Catherine Champagne
Manager, Earth Observation, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Nancy Chan-Wolowiec
GIS Technician, Natural Resources & Northern Development
Justin Chang
GIS Analyst, MOBIA Technology Innovations
Chiadih Chang
Modelling Support Team Lead, Alberta Environment and Protected Areas
Dennis Chao
Senior Geospatial Specialist, Alberta Energy Regulator
Francois Charbonneau
Research scientist, NRCan
Lyn Chassagne
Sr. Director, Global Marketing, Maxar
davinder chawla
Director, NeoGeoInfo Technologies
Gad Chen
analyst, cmhc
Qiang Chen
Satellite Data and Applications Scientist, Spacety Luxembourg
Irene Cheng
Scientific Director, University of Alberta
Lara Chessie
Remote Sensing Specialist, provincial government
Brett Chmiel
Engineer, MDA Corporation
Eric Choi
Director, Business Development, GHGSat Inc.
george choma
RS scientist, Natural Resources Canada (NRCan)
Jean-Marc Chouinard
Consultant, Consultant
William Chow
Spatial Database Scientist, Natural Resources Canada (NRCan)
Subir Chowdhury
Senior Remote Sensing Specialist, Alberta Geological Survey
Thien Chu
Geomatics Technical Team , Divestco Geoscience
Mallory Chu
Research assistant, Qub
Carolina Collaro
Architect doctoral student in Arqueologia Espacial, University of Jaén Spain
John Collins
Director, Airbus Defence and Space
Kevin Connor
Biologist, Department of Natural Resources and Energy Development
Rhonda Connors
GIS Technologist, Government of Alberta
Alex Cooper
gis tech, flnro
Randolph Corney
Faculty, Saint Mary's University
Patricia Cosmopoulos
Geomatics Analyst, Impact Assessment Agency of Canada
Norm Couturier
CEO, Terris Earth Intelligence
Sven Cowan
Canada Program Manager, NV5 Geospatial
Sven Cowan
Canadian Program Manager, NV5 Geospatial
Chris Craig-Neil
Cartographer, GIS Analyst, Craig-Neil & Co.
Peter Croswell
President/Lead Consultant, Croswell-Schulte IT Consultants
O'Neil Crumbie
Survey Manager, Land Surveying
Greg Crutsinger
Customer Success Manager - Agriculture, Planet
Jennifer Csatlos
Coordinator , Public
Renato Cumani
Physical Scientist, ECCC
Daniel Cusson
Principal Research Officer, National Research Council Canada


archan dabadi
Analyst, myself
Uche Daike
GIS Intern, SAIT
Doug Dale-Johnson
Manager, Geomatics Policy and Governance, POGC
Marina (Charlie) Dalton
Geomatics Applied Research Intern, College of the North Atlantic Office of Applied Research and Innovation
Iffat Damji
Data Analyst , PSD CityWide
Bob Dams
Global Energy SME, MDA
Arslan Daniel
Data Analyst , Environment and Climate Change Canada
Koyel Das
Pre sales executive , Neogeoinfo Technologies Pvt Ltd
anusuya datta
editor, Geospatial World
Actively searching (Former Program Head and Assistant professor), Education and Research
Brian Davies
Director, Beacon
Robert Davis
GIS Supervisor, Terra Remote Sensing
Roger De Abreu
Research Manager, Natural Resources Canada - CCMEO
Andy DeCoste
Crown Land Surveyor, Association of Nova Scotia Land Surveyors
Alonzo de la Cruz
Senior Geomatics Engineer, Suncor Energy Inc.
Karyssa Derrien
GIS Analyst , Aspen Planers Ltd
Melanie Desjardins
Director, NWT Centre for Geomatics
Alok Devrani
Project leader, NeoGeoInfo technologies private
Laurent Dezamy
Business development, None
peter dimitriou
Research , The Climate Mobilization
Jean-Francois Dionne
Geospatial Strategist, City of Ottawa
Dana Diotte
GIS Analyst, BC Provincial Government
Sylvia Dixon
Development and Planning Tech., MODC
Alfred D'Mello
Safety Manager, OGL Engineering
Birol Doğan
Real estate appraiser, Real estate appraiser
Sabina Donnelly
Licensed science officer , BC Public Service
Labo Doyon
Research agent, ISFORT-UQO
Arlene Drake
Analyst, NRCan
Dragos Dristaru
Geoscientist, *
Hugo Drouin
Remote sensing specialist, NRCan
Robin Dubé
Program Officer, Canadian Space Agency
Andrea Ducharme
Geomatics Technologist, Government of Alberta
Maria Dugand Barros
Nicholas Duggan
Consultant Editor, Geospatial World
Etienne Duguay
Radar Production Manager, MDA
Marnie Dunbar
Production Manager, OGL Engineering
Peter Dyba
Payload Systems Lead, SpaceAlpha Insights
Rachel Dyson


Assistant Manager, Living Lighting Beaches
Andrew Edwards
Data Analyst, PSD CityWide
Alyssa Edwards
Outside Plant Designer, VistaCare Communications
PhD Student, Sultan Moulay Slimane University
Malcolm Elliott
Project Manager, Leading Edge Geomatics
Lindsay Ellison
Geospatial Subject Analyst, Statistics Canada
Peggy Embleton
Geomatics Specialist, GNWT Centre for Geomatics
Chris Ens
Geospatial Services Team Lead, BC Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development
Titto Ephraim Mathew
Sales Engineer, Rocket Factory Augsburg
Jordan Erker
Chief Statistician, Government of Alberta
Suzanne Etheridge
GIS Specialist, Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada, Nunavut Regional Office


Abiola Falaye
Planner, District of Saanich
Ababacar FALL
Lecturer , EPT
Fei Fan
sr. analyst, bank
Wenzheng Fan
Data Scientist, LiDARist Co. Ltd.
Adrian Faraguna
Instructor, Remote Sensing and GIS, SAIT
Physical scientist , DFO
Tim Feller
Librarian, University of toronto
Deanna Ferguson
GIS Analyst , NA
Kevin Ferris
Research Associate, Applied Geomatics Research Group - Nova Scotia Community College
Kevin Ferris
Research Associate, Applied Geomatics Research Group - Nova Scotia Community College
William Ferris
Senior Technical Specialist, Western Heritage Services
cole fields
Spatial Analyst, Government
Roberto Figueroa
Advisor, Climate Risk, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
Rod Finnie
owner, J. R. Finnie O.L.S.
Relationship Manager, GoGeomatics
Andras Fodor
GIS Team Lead, VistaCare Communications
Anthony Fok
Software Integration and Deployment Specialist, Natural Resources Canada - Geological Survey of Canada
Veronica Fortin
GIS Specialist, Forest protection limited
Thomas Fox
great lakes officer, ECCC
Cj frazer
Srudent, Texas a&m
CJ Frazer
student, Texas a&m
Mark Freund
GIS Coordinator, State
Barbara Fuego Gomez
Engineer Assistant, 3DLS
Jessy Fuelkell
GIS Specialist, Strathcona County
Christy Fung
Geomatics Officer, Government of Northwest Territories
Colleen Fuss
Physical Science Specialist (Geomatics), Natural Resources Canada


Corrine G
Student , GIS @ Fanshawe College
Mia Gabrielson
Sales & Marketing, RPAS
David Gachuche
Founder & CEO, RiverCross Technologies
John Gaiot
Mapping & Geomatics Data Analyst, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry
Mihir Gajjar
Data Scientist, Statistics Canada
Charlotte Gallant
Operations Supervisor- GIS, MOBIA Technology Innovations
Lesley Gamble
Geomatics Solutions Lead, MDA Geointelligence
Omar Garcia
President, InfoSat
George Garrow
GIS Analyst, Yukon Government
Guillaume Gauthier
Geomatic analyst, Natural Ressources
Bengisu Gelin
Student transportation planner , TransLink
Mannar Geo
Operations Leader, NeoGeoInfo Technologies
Rob Gerry
Geographic Information Officer, Manitoba Hydro
Rushi Ghadawala
Manager, Business Development, Magellan Aerospace, Winnipeg
Vana Giavi
Managing Director, Totalview
Graeme Gibson
Principal Geoscientist, Strider Energy Ventures Ltd.
Adina Gillespie
Director Of Business Development, Europe, GHGSat Inc.
Holly Girling
Student, SAIT
Nijat Gojamanov
Consultant, N/A
Arun Golder
Senior Manager, Geospatial
Linda Gollick
Retired, AOGEE
Leonela Gomez
Account Manager, InfoSat
Laxmi Goparaju
Scientific Advisor, Vindhyan Ecology and Natural History foundation
Brahmam Gorugantu
Director, NeoGeoInfo Technologies P Ltd
Nitu Goswami
Academic counselor , Ignou
Patrick Gosztonyi
Remote Sensing Analyst, Statistics Canada
Alex Gow
Sales Director, Satellite Vu
Abigail Graham
Data Analyst, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories
Erin Grass
Senior Geomatics Engineer, Government of Alberta
Dianne Gray
GIS Specialist, CTQ Consultants
Zoe Green
Enterprise Geodata Specialist, Grand River Conservation Authority
Suzanne Green
O&M Manager, MDA
Ann Greenwood
Education and Training Unit Lead, Population Data BC
Fiona Gregory
Geospatial Analyst, Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute
Olivier Grenier-Lafond
Account Executive, Hexagon
sean grogan
PhD Student, Polytechnique Montréal
Terry Grosskleg
Data Analyst, Contractor
Jessi Guercio
Employer Liaison Officer, Thompson Rivers University
Pratiksha Gundecha
GIS Analyst, Educational Training Institute
Rob Gunn
Jiaao Guo
RS analyst, NWT Centre for Geomatics
Xulin Guo
Professor, University of Saskatchewan
Mülayim Güre
Lecturer , Free
Guillermo Gutierrez
Product Manager, Kleos Space
Sreeramam GV
CEO, NeoGeoinfo Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Sreeramam GV
Chief Executive Officer, NeoGeoInfo


Peter H
Specialist, Personal/Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada
Katherine Hackett
GIS Technician, Terra Remote
Olivier Hacking
GIS Analyst, Sweco
Trevor Hadwen
Agroclimate Specialist, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Denis Hains
President & CEO, H2i
Nanar Hakobyan`
RS Research Analyst, GNWT Centre for Geomatics
Randy Hale
Erik Halverson
Program Manager, Maxar
Robert Hamer
Geodetic Control Survey Specialist, MNRF Ontario
Ryan Hamilton
Sr Manager, Product Management, Maxar
David Harper
Director General, Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC)
David Harper
Director General and GEO Principal for Canada, Environment and Climate Change Canada
Elexis Harrison
Marketing Coordinator, Landcor Data Corporation
Sarah Hartholt
GIS Data Analyst, Prince Edward County
Nina Harvey
Student, COGS, NSCC & Acadia University
Julia Hatcher
Great Lakes Project Officer , Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC)
Julia Hatcher
Great Lakes Project Officer , Environment and Climate Change Canada
John Hayes
Production Technical Lead, Leading Edge Geomatics
Sean Heeger
Reporter, GoGeomatics
Mohamed Helmy
Vice president , Edge-Pro
KelliAnn Hemsing
Photogrammetry Technical Lead, Leading Edge Geomatics
Mischa Hey
Analytics Practice Lead, NV5 Geospatial
Juan Hiedra Cobo
Research Officer Rail & Transit Infrastructure, National Research Council Canada
Steven Hills
GIS Instructor, Assiniboine College
Alexa Hinves
Senior Geospatial Analyst, Arup Canada Inc
Jane Ho
Proj. Eng., Ontario Clean Water Agency
Kim Huong Hoang
Geomatics Analyst, HATCH
Abdurrahim Hocagil
Managing Director, GEOSPRO Geographic Infomation Systems
Rob Hodder
Faculty, Centre of Geographic Sciences - NSCC
Emily Holdsworth
GIS Technician Intern, Township of The Archipelago
Erik Holmlund
Executive Director, Alberta Data Partnerships
Natalie Hopper
gis technologist, City of Moncton
Marianne Houle
Intern, Statistic Canada
Andrew House
VP, Business Development, Sparkgeo
Connor Houston
GIS Coordinator, Province of Ontario
Elizabeth Howell
Associate Editor, SpaceQ
Carmichael Howes
Spatial Data Analyst, FNESS (First Nations Emergency Services Society of British Columbia)
Wayne Hoyle
Senior Director, Business Development, MDA
Janin Huard
CSA Space Utilization, CSA
brian huberty
remote sensing advisor, SharedGeo
Maureen Hudson
Manager of Geomatics Partnership and Policy , Service Nova Scotia- Geographic Information Services
Chris Humphrey
Account Executive, Planet
Jeff Hurley
BD Manager, MDA
Chris Hyde
Director, WeatherDesk, Maxar


Hassan Ibrahim
A/Crown Surveyor, MNRF
Shahid Ilhan
Student, N/A
Christopher Ilogu
GIS Support Specialist, Utility
Fatima Imtiaz
student, UPEI
Deanna Ip
Telecommunications Engineer, ISED
Oluwaseun Ipede
GIS Analyst, Lektoy survey services
Javed Iqbal
GIS Scientist, Tetra Tech
Simon Irving
Data Scientist , KorrAI
Md Samiul Islam
Research Assistant, University of Alberta
Angela Iuvale
Geospatial Analyst, COC


Mel J
Student, Student
Benjamin Janvce
Head of Research & Innovation, GCoM
Daniel Jewell
GIS Analyst, Statistics Canada
Geoff Johnston
GIS Analyst, MDA
Dean Johnston
Air Photo Interpreter, Forestry Consulting
Andy Jones
Global GIS Manager, Yondr Group
Candace Jones
GIS Coordinator, Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks
Chris Joyce
Director Consulting Services , CGI


Brian Kabat
Environmental Monitoring Lead, KBR
al kalantar
retired, univ alberta
Saeid Kalantari
Department of Geomatics Engineering, University of Calgary
Greg Kaletzke
Planner - GIS Specialist, Community Planning, Manitoba Municipal Relations
Nicholas Kaluzny
Land & Resource Data Support Officer, Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry
Hasanberk Karabay
Student, Hacettepe University
Teppei Kato
Manager, NTTDATA
Rachel Katz
Geospatial Analyst, Government of Canada
Nicholas Kellett
Founder & CEO, Deploy Software Solutions
George Keradinidis
Project Manager, Totalview
Tooraj Khalili
Team Lead, CIty of Calgary
Nawaz Khan
Land Surveyor, Sinohydro
Dang Khoa
Tim Kier
Ocean Mapper, Kier Surveys
Michael Kieser
Data Engineer, Tesera Systems
Mike Kim
Policy Advisor, Transport Canada
Zackary King
GIS Analyst/Technician/Programmer, Doig River First Nation
John Kingma
geospatial strategist- aerial mapping, City of Ottawa
Evangelos Kirizopoulos
Geomatics Data Coordinator, NWT Centre for Geomatics
Kevin Kleckner
Customer Relationship Manager, Information Services Corp
Mitchell Knight
Project Lead, Ontario Ministry of the Environment, Conservation & Parks
Lisa Knopp
Professionnelle de recherche, Université Laval
Derrick Ko Heinrichs
GIS Specialist, Manitoba government
Caleb Kolade
GIS SPECIALIST , Nigeria Flying Labs Southwest Hub
Dr Felicia Kolonjari
Senior Program Advisor, Environment and Climate Change Canada
Kevin Kowaluk
Geospatial Analyst, Manitoba Provincial Government
Clay Kramp
Software Engineer, Maxar
Stuart Krause
Researcher, Thuenen
Angela Kross
Assistant professor, Concordia University
Kipp Kuchera
GIS Consultant, Conectado Solution
Sanjay Kumar
CEO, Geospatial World, Geospatial World
Gerald Kutney
Managing Director, Sixth Element Sustainable Management
Daniel Kwagbenu
Digital IT Service Lead, SAIT
Jim Kyle
GIS Specialist, Thor Systems Inc.


Robert Jerzy Lach
Geospatial Specialist, ZIelona Góra University, Laboratory of Gepsiatial Analyses
Matthew Ladd
Ecosystems Research Analyst, Statistics Canada
Eric Laliberté
Director General, Space Utilization, CSA
Anne Lalonde
Planning and GIS Technician, Township of South Glengarry - Planning and GIS Technician
Lisa Landon-Roy
Geomatics Advisor, Natural Resources Canada (NRCan)
Rachael Landry
Marketing, Blue Marble Geographics
Michael Ann Lane
Global Education and Sales Development Manager, Hexagon Geospatial
Marian Langhus
Assistant Chaplain, UCC
Michael Langley
Geomatics lead, *
Michael Langley
Geomatics Lead, *
Nick Lantz
remote sensing analyst, Statistics Canada
Armand LaRocque
Chercheur scientifique, University of New Brunswick
Shawn Larocque
GIS Specialist, Government of the Northwest Territories
brent larocque
president, my own
Tachara Larocque
River Hazard Specialist, Alberta Government
Edward Lau
Director, Maxar
Billy Lau
GIS Technician, City of Coquitlam
Tessa Lavoie
Event Coordinator, GoGeomatics Canada
Miryam Leal
Analista del Sistema Geoespacial Forestal, Secretaría de Desarrollo Regional y Agropecuario
Pierre Leblanc
GIS technician, University of Ottawa
Tristan Lecompte
Environmental Program Officer, Environment and Climate Change Canada
Star Lee
Student, SAIT
Sharon Lee
Geoscientist, City of Ottawa
Guillaume Légaré-Couture
Lidar specialist, Natural Resources Canada (NRCan)
Michel Leger
Hydrographer, CHS
Peter Lewis
Associate Professor, Ontario Tech University
Tim Lewis
Director, Global Sales,
Erin Li
Student, University of Calgary
Ela Lichtblau
GIS Coordinator, Ontario MECP
Kyle Little
Manager, Remote Sensing and Western Arctic Centre for Geomatics, NWT Centre for Geomatics
Kathryn Little
GIS Technician, Dougan & Associates
eugene liu
geomatics technologist, GOA
Gloria Liu
Geomatics Plan Technician, Ministry of Transportation
Estela LL
EO & Satellite Navigation System SW Lead , MINES GIS & Remote Sensing
Sook Yee Loh
Senior Director , Maxar
Sebastien Long
Business Dev, CAE
Éric Loubier
Director General, Canada Centre for Mapping and Earth Observation
Gabriel Lugo Bustillo
Researcher, University of Alberta
Alexander Lukin
GIS Specialist , Teledyne Optech
Amee Lunger
Student, Carleton University
Bin Luo
Senior Hydrologic Engineer, Manitoba Infrastructure
Andrew Lyszkiewicz
Director, BeSpatial Ontario


Zack MacDonald
Map Librarian, Western University Libraries
Beau MacDonald
GIS Project Specialist, USC SSI
Colin Macdonald
Director, Geographic Information Services, Internal Services, Province of Nova Scotia
Jina MacEachern
Goeintelligence, MDA
Ian MacIsaac
Mapping and Geomatics Data Analyst, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry
Ted MacKinnon
Senior Geomatics Technologist, Natural Resources Canada (NRCan)
Andrew MacNeil
Director, Land Information infrastructure Secretariat, Service New Brunswick
saeedeh Madani
Student, SAIT
Steve Maddison
Account Manager, VertiGIS
Harsha Vardhan Madiraju
Associate Ditector, World Geospatial Industry Council (WGIC)
Martha Magaji
Student, University of Manitoba
Emily Mahon
Manager, Geomatics Services, Government of the Northwest Territories, Centre for Geomatics
Thinh Mai
GIS Analyst, ATCO Electric
Jo Man
Director, Product Strategy, MDA
R Manderfeld
student, Fleming College
Panos Manetos
Researcher, University of Thessaly
Oliver Marcano
Aeronautical engineer, freelance
Peggy March
Geographic Educator
Steve Mark
Director of Operations, Integrated Cadastral Information Society
Joe Martin
Surveyor, PSPC
Miguel Martinez-Yordan
GIS Specialist, Metric Engineering of Puerto Rico
Philippe Martins
Electoral Data Analyst, Elections Canada
Keith Masback
Principal, Plum Run LLC
Anthony Mayne
VP Operations, Sparkgeo
Rory McAlpine
GeoAnnalist, NRCan
Stewart McBean
Retired, Personal
Marie McCallum
Project Assistant, BC Lake Stewardship Society
Eden McDonald-Yale
Stakeholder Engagement Coordinator, Integrated Cadastral Information Society
Stephanie McFadden
Leanne McFadden
Manager of Geospatial Information, Challenger Geomatics Ltd.
Julie McKay
Manager Land Information Infrastructure Secretariat, Service New Brunswick
JP McKeown
Developer, MH
Peter Mclaren
Account Manager, VertiGIS
Paula McLeod
Special Advisor, Geological Survey of Canada
Tracey McPherson
GIS/IT Coordinator, Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority
Robin Meadows
nothing, None
Khadija Meghraoui
Engineer , IAV
Khalid Mehmood
Business Services Leader- IT, EQUS
Ramiro Melero
Student, Carleton Univeristy
Kyle Melnick
GIS Analyst, University of British Columbia
Leticia Mendonca
Product Owner, Iceye
john metzger
Sushil Mhaske
Assistant Professor , Government Institute of Science Aurangabad
Danielle Migeon
Research and Data Analyst, Canadian Heritage
Alexandria Mighton
Research Assistant, Student
jessica mignault
Survey technical support and trainer, Cansel
john milne
Unemployed , Unemployed
Natalie Milojevic
University Student, University of Waterloo
Rehab Mirza
GIS Analyst, Geomedia Inc.
Stephen Misner
Manager Asset Information Services, Nova Scotia Dept of Public Works
Scott Mitchell
Head of Department, Carleton University
reza mohammadnia
Fpga engineer, MDA
Dylan Molnar
data visualization specialist, Maxar
Edward Moloughney
GIS Student, SAIT
Lynn Moorman
Professor, Mount Royal University
Grayson Mortimer
GIS - Analyst, Canadian Red Cross
Justin Mosbey
R&D and Innovation Manager, Deploy Software Solutions, inc.
arnaud mosnier
Scientific Researcher, DFO
Diana Mountney
Geomatics Analyst, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories
Alexis Moyer
Geospatial Analyst, Space Intelligence Ltd
Arash Mozhdehi
Student, University of Calgary
Matt Mueller
Software Engineer, myself
Earth Observation Technical Lead, FrontierSI
John Mulvie jmulvie
Geomatics Analyst, Self
Jimmy Mumo
Kevin Murnaghan
Remote Sensing Scientist, Natural Resources Canada (NRCan)
Jonathan Murphy
CEO, GoGeomatics Canada
Paul Murray
Corrosion/Integrity Advisor, N/A
Aakkash Murugesh
Senior SW Engineer, Mindtree
ANalyst, Carleton University
Tanya Muswera
GIS Analyst, fRI Research


Yogesh Nandal
Geospatial Data Analyst, NSCC

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