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Combatting IUU Fishing with Crow’s Nest Maritime Monitoring and Security with Bryan Smith, Director of Product Management at Maxar Technologies

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12:15 PM, Wednesday 2 Mar 2022 EST (30 minutes)
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Maritime regions are vast, vessels of interest operate dark, and the agencies responsible for maritime enforcement need to deploy scant resources efficiently to make the greatest mission impact.  Maxar has developed the Crow’s Nest Maritime Monitoring and Security (MMS) product to address this need.   The product leverages space-based optical and radar imagery, AIS, advanced machine learning, automation and low-latency alerting to deliver critical information quickly, with the intent of saving lives, resources and time. The service provides broad-area surveillance and the ability to “zoom in” on vessels of interest for greater understanding of an individual vessel’s activity and identity.  In this session we will share an overview of Crow’s Nest MMS and explain how it can be leveraged to address IUU fishing.

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