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VertiGIS Studio at Statistics Canada with Peter McLaren, Account Manager

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1:00 PM, Wednesday 2 Mar 2022 EST (30 minutes)
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Statistics Canada along with their partner, VertiGIS Studio (formerly Geocortex), have collaborated to update the original Census Program Data Viewer (CPDV) VertiGIS Studio Web and Reporting were used to configure an advanced web-based data visualization tool, that supports the dissemination of statistical data gathered in the 2021 Canadian census. This tool will make statistical information more interpretable by presenting key indicators in a statistical dashboard.


The CPDV makes it easy to find many places in Canada, see them on a map, and get basic geographic and sociodemographic data for those places. To find a specific place of interest, you can click and zoom in on a map of Canada or you can search by place name or postal code. The CPDV then displays the appropriate thematic map showing boundaries and other features. The CPDV will also enable users to easily compare indicator values for different places and help identify relationships between indicators.

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